Kilmaley Meitheal Co Ltd

The Kilmaley Meitheal Co Ltd is a voluntary community organisation founded for the development of the parish of Kilmaley in 1996. Meitheal is the "umbrella" development organisation, encompassing a separate company, the Kilmaley Voluntary Housing Association (KVHA).

A committee of 16 volunteers from the parish meets on the last Tuesday of every month at Kilmaley Daycare Centre to discuss work on hand and to plan for future development in the parish. Meitheal is responsible for running the Social Community Employment scheme in the parish, which employs 15 workers.

Meitheal is responsible for the official recognition, blessing and marking of the children's graveyards in the parish, in Kilmaley, Connolly, Inch and Drimanure.

Meitheal is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all green areas in the parish, the old graveyards, the pitches and the churches.

Meitheal organises a parish clean-up day every April. We also tidy and develop the areas around the crossroads in the parish.

As well as employing FÁS workers for maintenance and building work, we also provide workers for the daycare centre in Kilmaley and Sláinte an Chláir in Kilnamona.

In the winter of 2010/11, during the "big freeze", Meitheal paid for and provided grit for the local roads. Meitheal also paid to have the roads gritted to aid safe passage on the local roads.

Meitheal has annual ongoing expenses of insurance, equipment, materials, sand, cement, stone, trees, flowers and shrubs.

Meitheal depends on the voluntary contributions of the parish, which are received at our annual fundraising walk and talent show, to meet these expenses.

All accounts are audited annually and submitted to the Department of Social Protection head office, as well as the Registrar of Companies.

FAS sign at the Daycare Centre


Kilmaley Meitheal Annual Fundraising weekend
24 and 25 October 2015

Kilmaley’s Got Talent will be held at Magowna House, Inch at 6 p.m. on Saturday 24 October. Give you application to any of the parish schools and shops or email to

There will be an open air mass and walk on Sunday 25th. This will start with the Blessing of the Grotto (outside Connolly church), which will be followed by a picnic and walk to the Kilmaley Inn (via back roads) for a BBQ and social evening. 

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